Qualifications, Requirements, and Documentation to get Approved for an Inheritance Advance

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Qualifications for Inheritance Loans approval ~ otherwise known as Estate Advance, Inheritance Advance, or Probate Advance Assignments

Want to know more about the My Inheritance Cash qualifications for inheritance loans ~ otherwise known as estate cash advance, inheritance advance, or probate cash advance assignments?

Click Here to find out exactly what paperwork & documentation you are required to submit during Application to qualify for a Trust or Probate Advance ~ on our “Apply Now” page!

This type of funding is often called inheritance loans or probate loans by both heirs and inheritance funding companies ~ featuring zero-interest inheritance funding, without income or credit requirements! Often, you can receive up to 30% of your total inheritance as a probate advance! Heirs of probate estates with a high percentage of liquid assets often stand a better chance of receiving a higher percentage of their inheritance as an inheritance advance (often called an inheritance loan or probate loan), frequently up to 50-60% of their entire inheritance!

FYI: Learn as much about Wills & Estates as possible prior to signing off on a probate advance or probate loan!

Learn more about Wills & Estates: Click Here 

Minimum Inheritance Advance Amount: $3,000
Maximum Inheritance Advance Amount: $100,000+

Qualifying inheritance of $15,000+
Must be a US citizen or permanent resident in the USA

What documents do I need to get an Inheritance Advance or Probate Advance?

Qualifications for inheritance loans: never include credit reports or credit scores, employment history, or income status! Even though you are not technically receiving an actual interest bearing loan, the inheritance funding company you choose may also use terms such as getting a loan on inheritance, inheritance loans, estate loans or probate loans, inheritance advance loans, inheritance loan advances, probate cash advance, or inheritance cash advance, etc. Inheritance lenders generally request:

A copy of the deceased’s death certificate
A copy of the Will, if there is a valid Will
Legal documents such as a Death Certificate; Petition for Probate; Letters of Administration; Inventory Sheet; Notice to Creditors; etc.
Document stating who the estate’s executor or administrator is
Certification from the administrator or executor stating the amount you are expected to inherit
Valid Photo I.D.
Documentation of the appointment of an estate administrator or executor

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