Inheritance Advance FAQs

Inheritance Advance FAQs

Many people have questions about inheritance advances and inheritance loans. Both offer you a way to access a portion of your inheritance before the estate goes through probate. However, while some people use the terms interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

Probate loans are loans that use your inheritance to guarantee the loan. You must qualify for them like you would any other loan. The lender may require you to use other collateral to guarantee the loan, as well. Probate loans are also known as inheritance loans.

Probate advances are not loans. Instead, you sell a portion of your inheritance to the funding company. Probate advances are also called inheritance advances.

No. You do not have to make payments on an inheritance advance. They are not loans.

No. Because they are not loans, you do not need good credit to get an inheritance advance. In fact, we do not run your credit to give you an inheritance advance.

No. Because it is not a loan, you do not need to pay interest.

Yes. We do charge you a fee for the inheritance advance. Fortunately, these fees are up-front and easy-to-understand.

No. We can fund your inheritance advance quickly after you complete your paperwork. We may even be able to fund it the same day.

We do not usually advance an entire inheritance. However, we evaluate every case individually.

We collect our money from your share of the estate. That means that we get our fees and the advance first, and then you get the rest of your money. However, if the inheritance is not enough to cover our fees and the advance, we take that risk. You do not have to repay any money.

No. We handle getting our money from the estate.

Absolutely. We normally get our money from the estate. However, if you are able to pay back the advance before the estate closes, we may be able to reduce the fees. Contact us to see what we can do.

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