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Receive Immediate Access to Your Funds with an Estate Loan Cash Advance

The probate process can take up to two years from the filing of a petition, meaning that your money will be held in limbo while you wait. Instead, why not choose an inheritance loan?

Inheritance Loans USA is a leading provider of estate loans across the country. We have helped millions of Americans access their inheritance funding on THEIR schedule. If you’re looking for a fast cash advance on your estate, give us a call.

What is an Inheritance Loan?

At Inheritance Loans USA, we are dedicated to helping everyday Americans access their inheritance on their terms. Though often called an estate loan, funds are actually a cash advance, repaid to us when probate is settled. There are no terms on how the money is spent, meaning you can use your cash on anything you need. From that new car you desperately need to paying off your mortgage so you can live more comfortably, our cash is yours!

You may be wondering whether there are any advantages to taking out an estate loan. Consider the following benefits of accessing an inheritance loan:

  • There is no credit check required to access your inheritance funding
  • Funds will be received in your bank account within 72 hours (but often as soon as in 24 hours!)
  • Because we are purchasing a portion of your inheritance, our cash advance process has no risk, meaning you are not responsible for repayment
  • You will never pay interest on your estate loan, no matter how large it is
  • We do not charge fees when you want to access your money

Fast Estate Loans Have Never Been Easier

If you are the beneficiary of an estate, then you deserve instant access to your inheritance! In only a few simple steps, the team at Inheritance Loans USA is here to offer fast service.

Our friendly advisors are always happy to assist you in determining your eligibility for a cash advance on your inheritance. Give us a call at (877) 638-7760 to find out more!

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