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Thinking About Getting an Advance on Your Inheritance? See where you are in the process!

When a loved one passes, it can take months – or even years – to see the money that has been left in your name. At Inheritance Loans USA, we believe that this mourning period should be spent remembering your loved one, not haggling and fighting over funds that are rightfully yours. Determined to get you your cash FAST, we offer a variety of Advance Inheritance Funding and Inheritance Cash Advance options, all with no interest and no stress! Typically in the form of a probate, estate, or inheritance loan, our program allows beneficiaries to borrow money against their inheritance for immediate personal use. With the fastest turnaround in town, heirs can use their cash to:

Cover Urgent or Unexpected Expenses

From utility and medical bills to legal fees and college tuition, an Inheritance Cash Advance is the best way to get the money you need, NOW. With the help of Inheritance Loans USA, you won’t need to worry about food, shelter, and the fundamental needs for survival. 

Repair or Restore the Home for Sale

Whether you’re set to inherit an entire home or splitting property amongst your siblings, an advance on your inheritance while in probate is a great way to boost the value of an estate and prepare it for sale. Or, why not start paying off that pesky estate attorney!

Consolidate or Settle Debt

Take care of outstanding debt with a lump sum of cash, FAST! Because an Inheritance Advance isn’t a loan, you’ll never be responsible for recourse due to non-payment. Simply get your cash, negotiate a settlement with creditors, and say goodbye to debt! 

Protect Your Family Down The Road

Accidents and tragedy can strike at any moment. The perfect way to ensure your family’s safety when in times of need, a Cash Advance during probate will line your pocket with protection when cash flow is tight. With Inheritance Loans USA, you’re safe, not sorry.

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